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Please contact for pricing, more details, and to see which consultation is right for you.

Full Consultation: 1.5hrs
This consultation allows for investigation into your presenting symptoms through an in-depth questionnaire, as well as, tongue diagnosis, pulse reading (optional), and body palpation techniques (optional) to uncover the root cause. Depending on the circumstances, I will be able to give an extensive outline (full analysis) of your current pharmaceutical use and their effects on health, Traditional Chinese Medicine Differential Diagnosis, Ayurvedic Constitution outline including lifestyle and diet suggestions for you as an individual, as well as, the direction and herbal protocol for treatment. A follow-up appointment is needed after a minimum of 1-month and initial use of the herbal protocol.  
AFTERWARDS, a 30-minute follow-up, allows me to monitor the treatment given and change your individual protocol if needed, as well as give more insight into the root cause based on the initial consult intake. 

‘Acute Concern’ Consultation: 30 minutes
This consultation is specific for acute ailments where symptoms have not been around for a long period of time, or for very specific symptomology.  Types of ailments in this category would include; acute infections, early onset of symptoms like skin eruptions or acute seasonal allergies, acute cough, menopausal symptoms, headaches, etc.

Bodywork Therapies:
Note these must be booked with an ‘Acute Concern’ or Full Consultation to determine if the bodywork is right for your therapeutic needs.

Cupping Session Minimum 30 Minute Session
A traditional method of encouraging blood flow, sedating the nervous system, and loosening muscle tension by placing specialized cups (plastic) on specific points on a person’s body and applying varying pressure through suction.   Cupping session includes relaxation hand massage OR Korean hand therapy session during cupping (at an additional cost).

Moxibustion Session: 15 Minute Session Minimum
a traditional Chinese and Japanese therapy that consists of burning tightly packed mugwort dried herb in a stick over specific TCM meridian/acupuncture/acupressure points of the body, this causes deep penetrating heat into the underlying tissues and is very soothing for joint pain caused by Cold/Cold-Damp, sciatica caused by Coldness, and other areas affected by Coldness, stiffness, and Dampness like the kidneys.  This therapy is also recommended for menstrual/uterine/female reproductive ailments.

Korean Hand Therapy Session:
Note this therapy is available when a cupping or moxibustion session is booked and incurs an additional cost. This therapy sees each area of the hand as representing different bodily structures and organs, these corresponding points are stimulated with a tool and released to help relieve pain, discomfort, or dis-ease related to those areas.