2 Articles: Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy + Link to: Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism

Article 1:  Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy
*Don\’t be scared off by the name, this was written in the US and they go for shock value, but it does point out some major research that has been happening around pesticides and adverse effects on development.  Click on the link below 🙂
Pesticides and autism article
The author comments on a 2012 report released by  Pesticide  Action Network North America, titled \”A Generation in Jeopardy.\” The said report examines health risks posed by  pesticides  to children. It cites studies showing a link between  pesticide  exposure and an increasing rate of cancers, birth defects, and neurobehavioral disorders, especially attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and  autism. The impact of  pesticide  effects on costs and the economy is discussed.
Campbell, Andrew W.
Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine. Jan/Feb2013, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p8-10. 3p.
Article 2:  Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism
*This is more of a general discussion about a study done in California recently.  It got people talking and has some good points.  Copy and paste the web address into your browser to check it out

In a new study from California, children with an autism spectrum disorder were more likely to have mothers who lived close to fields treated with certain pesticides during pregnancy. Proximity to agricultural pesticides in pregnancy was also linked to other types of developmental delay among children.

Ref:  By  By Kathryn Doyle  June 23, 2014 8:37 AM

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