Article: Probiotics: An overview of beneficial effects

Article Link:  Probiotics overview article
Click on the underlined link above to read a summary paper on probiotics (helpful micro-organisms or bacteria) and their potential and researched effects on human health when taken as supplements or in fermented foods.  Now, this article is fairly technical, so if you start to read and your getting overwhelmed then I suggest looking at the table on page 280-281, for a short summary of each microbe/bacterium, and then moving to page 285, benefits for healthy individuals.  Those parts are a good summary and easier to understand if your not used to the jargon.  I really do like the table, as I take probiotics myself and I like that I can have a quick reference to what each strain of bacteria does and why I am taking it.  I take mine for general maintenance of my digestive system, as I have issues like IBS, Celiac\’s disease, and lactose intolerance.  But like the article suggests you can take probiotics for allergies and immunological enhancement when taking antibiotics.  I also like that it suggests giving children probiotics to reduce incidences of adolescent and adult allergy onset.  Take a look, and give it a try.  Remember to use online dictionaries if needed, I do!  Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy, and be aware and eat with care 🙂
Ref:  Antonie van Leeuwenhoek82: 279–289, 2002.
© 2002Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands.
279, \”Probiotics: an overview of beneficial effects\”
Arthur C. Ouwehand,  Seppo Salminen  & Erika Isolauri

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