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So this is a great little guide to different sprouts and their nutritional attributes, as well as, contributions to health.  If you haven\’t ever sprouted, then I suggest trying!  Its really easy to do in-doors and in any climate.  Check out some YouTube videos on sprouting to get the hang of what to do.  I personally like to sprout alfalfa sprouts.  I put 1 tbsp of seeds into a jar (big enough for the seeds to expand about 10 times their size), add water, and let stand without a lid overnight.  In the morning, take a piece of porous cloth and cover the jar top, adding an elastic-band to keep the cloth on.  Pour the excess water out.  Now its very important to rinse and drain the sprouts 2 times per day, minimum.  When they get about 1.5 inches in length (about 5-7 days), then they are ready to eat!  Add to salads or sandwiches.  They make for a nutritious and tasty crunch to lunchtime meals.
Storage tip: Keep the sprouts wrapped in dry paper towel, in a closed container in the fridge.  If they start to smell or go brown and gooey, then they are no good anymore, and sprout again!
Thanks for reading, happy sprouting!!  Be aware and eat with care 🙂
Ref:  Crop & Food Research Confidential Report No. 1795
Nutritional attributes of legumes (2)
Sprouted beans and seeds
L J Hedges & C E Lister
December 2006

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