Articles: Tea and it's health benefits, some evidence


\”Better quality trials and epidemiological studies investigating tea and health as primary rather than as secondary outcomes are now needed\” —-Pg.298 article.2

Article.1 link:  Green_tea___Camellia_sinensis_ article

Article.2 link:  2013 Emerging evidence for tea benefits article

So most of us are aware that green tea has potential health benefits, including the reduction of some cancers, but where is the evidence??  I started drinking Matcha tea (powered green tea, highest in antioxidants) in the mornings instead of coffee and I was interested in these inherit health benefits.  Article.1 is a good systematic review and comes to the conclusion that green tea is beneficial for women, more than men, and shows potential anti-carcinogenic effects against breast, ovarian, endometrial, bladder, and lung cancers.  Article.2, especially pg.294, outlines systematic review findings that include outlining tea\’s health benefits such as weight management, glycemic control (blood sugar), oral health, and gut health.  Both articles  come to the conclusion that more studies with stricter procedures, like those seen in randomized control trials, need to be undertaken in order to come to more relevant and congruent conclusions about tea health benefits, but it is interesting to see what evidence is out there thus far.  Hope you enjoyed reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂



Article.1:  Liu, J, Xing, J, & Fei, Y 2008, \’Green tea ( Camellia sinensis ) and cancer prevention: a systematic review of randomized trials and epidemiological studies\’,  Chinese Medicine, Academic OneFile, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 November 2015.

Article.2:  Ruxton, C 2013, \’Emerging evidence for tea benefits\’,  Nutrition Bulletin, 38, 3, pp. 287-301 15p, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 November 2015.

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