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Article link #1:  Vaccination of children- summary and conclusions
Article link #2:  Measles vaccination article
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So over recent years there has been a lot of media chatter over vaccinations.  People are starting to disagree about vaccinating children, which is starting to cause problems, like the re-occurrence of smallpox and measles.  Someone at work the other day asked my opinion on the matter, and I personally think that vaccinations for things like measles, rubella and smallpox are necessary to keep these terrible diseases from affecting at-risk populations, like children.  There is a reason why many of these diseases were considered eradicated, and that is due to childhood booster shot programs.  I think the best thing to do, in any case, is to get educated about the subject.  I am posting 2 articles just to give a taste of why vaccinations are important. I hope that it spurs readers on to hunt out more information and to not just blindly believe information heard from media sources.  Also, I am posting a pretty great video I found on YouTube which sums up skewed-opinions about vaccinations perfectly, haha, great stuff.  Thanks, enjoy, and be aware and eat with care 🙂
Article #1:  Silfverdal, S, Nilsson, L, Blennow, M, Carlsson, R, Hanson, L, Lindberg, A, Lindquist, L, Magnusson, M, Norlund, A, Nyrén, O, Olcén, P, Olin, P, Säwe, J, Söderström, A, Trollfors, B, & Örtqvist, Ã… 2010, \’Vaccination of children – summary and conclusions from a systematic review\’,  Acta Paediatrica (Oslo, Norway: 1992), 99, 9, pp. 1287-1289, MEDLINE Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 May 2015.
Article #2:  Bentley, J, Rouse, J, & Pinfield, J 2014, \’Measles: pathology, management and public health issues\’,  Nursing Standard, 28, 38, pp. 51-58, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 May 2015.

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