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Click here for PDF: Food Medicine \’Reset\’ Hand-out

This handout outlines a general Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine method of \’resetting\’ one\’s metabolism and/or digestive system through food.  It also helps to alkalize the blood, or \’Clear Heat\’ as Traditional Chinese Medicine would say.  I have done this \’reset\’, \’cleanse\’, or \’fast\’, whatever you would like to call it, and I know that it works.  It was extremely helpful for me and has been very beneficial for my clients.  Alternate between the 2 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After the allotted time on the \’fast\’, slowly introduce \’normal\’ food items, adding one item each day. DO NOT go right back into eating your \’normal\’ diet, as this will put stress on the body.
This protocol is not easy, you will get cravings, but your body will thank you for this balancing \’reset\’.
This \’reset\’ can be tailored to an individuals\’ constitution and I give custom herbal formulas to go along with it.

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