Interesting video: EARTHLINGS *not for the faint at heart, extremely graphic and will turn you vegan or vegetarian

I have been transitioning slowly to vegetarianism as I collected evidence of mass animal cruelty and how inefficient the meat industry really is. I officially proclaim myself a vegetarian after watching what I can only say is the truth of the industry. At first I cried and cried, then I came to the conclusion that I should not be sad, but angry that I grow up in a society that hides the truth from us and deems it ok to treat other living things this way for our own comfort.  I am posting this, but I warn that it is extremely graphic and not for the the faint at heart. I chose to watch the whole thing because I felt that I was ready too. If you are to, then embrace and feel with these animals because they are part of this earth just as much as we are. I\’m not looking to convince or make others feel bad. This documentary has made my decision and I just wanted to share with other people that were wondering just like me, where does our meat really come from, and are the animal industries really that bad?

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