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Here is a little about my food choices:
Where I get my food is an important issue. I go to organic farmers markets or buy organic in grocer stores, if possible, so that I know the fruit, veg and meat are sourced from happy and healthy places. I am a huge advocate for organic food. I do not believe in ingesting pesticides regardless of how little amounts there are in food or not.  The facts about this are not extensively studied, nor show relevant data unless they are peer-reviewed journals. These journals are hard to get a hold of, but watch for these types of articles in the Interesting Articles section of this website.
I do understand though that not everyone can afford organic.  Whatever your choice of foods are, all I want to do is provide healthy recipes that I have made to taste pretty darn good, but also deliver happiness, comfort, and nutrients to your body.  I hope you enjoy the recipes you find on Natural-Know How and please leave comments or suggestions. Thank you for visiting and remember, be aware and eat with care. 🙂

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