Article: Ethical Considerations of Doll Therapy for people with Dementia

Article Link:  Ethical considerations of doll therapy for people with dementia
Click on the underlined link above to read an informative article on Doll Therapy for people with dementia.  I found it interesting because I volunteer in an elderly home for people with dementia, and I always wondered why some of the residents had dolls in their rooms.  I find its an interesting article that delves into some of the techniques for treatment.  I understand some of the ethical considerations that are discussed, like the topic of the potential infancy angle, but from my experience, some people with level 4 dementia (Australia scale) completely revert back to an infant state.  Not saying they should be treated as infants, but sometimes one must get into that mindset in order to actually communicate with the resident.  Well, I hope you enjoy reading this article as it is a good start off point for understanding the interesting treatment techniques used when dealing with persons with dementia.  Thanks as always, and be aware and eat with care 🙂
Ref:  Mitchell, Gary;  Templeton, & Michelle, Queen’s University Belfast, UKSource:Nursing Ethics  (NURS ETHICS), 2014 Sep; 21 (6): 720-30.

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