Article: Lifetime Pesticide Use and Telomere Shortening among Male Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study

Lifetime Pesticide Use and Telomere Shortening among Male Pesticide
Click on the underlined link above to read about Telomere shortening within body cells which contributes to the onset of many disease, including cancers.  Its a bit of a hard read, but reading at least the introduction and conclusion is a great start to getting introduced to the topic.  They have associated Telomere shortening with pesticide use over a lifetime and the study includes about 58,000 participants, which is huge!  (the larger the sample population, the better the results can be applied to the greater population)
Telomere:  is a segment of the genetic code within a DNA strand, it shortens over a cells lifetime due to regular division, but shortening can sped up due to environmental toxins.
Check it out, be informed. Be aware and eat with care 🙂
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volume 121 | number 8 | August 2013 • Environmental Health Perspectives

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