Chinese inspired Poached Chicken Salad!


Chinese inspired Poached Chicken Salad!:  (serves 2)  *all organic is possible

-1/2 head of Chinese cabbage (cut into thin strips)

-6 button mushrooms (cut into thin slices)

-6 cherry or grape tomatoes (cut into thin slices)

-1 large chicken breast (free-range) or 2 smaller organic breasts

– 2 tbsp vegetable stock powder

-1 tsp dried red chillies

-2 lime wedges

-fresh, finely chopped mint  for garnish (optional)

-medium sized pot

-medium-sized frying pan with lid for steaming

-cutting board

-2 forks

Sauce:    *check out Veggie Belly Bowl recipe for another use of this tasty sauce!
-2 cloves of garlic (minced fine)                                                -1 can of coconut milk
-2 tbsp of peanut or almond butter                                        -1 tsp soy sauce
-1 tsp of honey or brown sugar or molasses (if you have molasses it is better)
Sauce:  Combine all sauce ingredients, except lime juice, into small sauce pot and whisk together over low heat.  Nut butter should soften and combine into sauce, should be smooth and velvety (around 3 mins).  Take off heat and set aside.
Poached chicken:

Add vegetable stock powder into medium pot and add water until a 3/4 full.  Pop a lid on and bring to a boil.  When at boil, turn down to simmer and place the whole chicken breast into the poaching liquid.  Let the chicken simmer (not boil!) for 10-15mins (larger breast is 15mins), and then turn off the heat and set aside (the residual heat will cook the chicken fully while you get stir-fry/steam the other ingredients).


Place the sliced Chinese cabbage, mushrooms , and dried chillies into the medium frying pan on med-high heat.  Add about 1-2 tbsp of water and place lid on pan to let the veg have a quick steam, this should take about 2 mins.  Take the lid off and add the tomatoes, turn off the heat, and mix veg together.

Full dish:

Take the chicken out of the poaching liquid.  On a cutting board, use 2 forks to pull meat apart, shredding the chicken.  Divide the veg into 2 bowls and place equal amount of shredded chicken on top.  Spoon the sauce over the chicken and veg.  Add fresh, finely chopped mint is desired, and lime wedge on side, then enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this Chinese inspired warm salad. I made it up from leftover veg I had in the fridge and it was a great warming meal for a lazy Sunday.  Thanks!

Be aware and eat with care 🙂

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