Article: Supporting community patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Article link:  Summary IBS Article
Click on the underlined link above to read a great, short summary of the diagnosis, treatment options and community nursing support for people suffering from IBS.  IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a growing problem throughout Western countries.  I have my suspicions that it has to do with all the chemicals put on our food, or in our food, but that\’s my opinion.  My mom, who suffers from IBS, requested more information about it.  Now I don\’t think this is the best article I could find, but I think its a nice little introduction.  I don\’t think the authors really took the time to look into options for complementary therapies because herbal treatments are very effective in helping with symptoms, and helping to restore the gut.  I think I will post more articles next week when I am back in Aus and have a little more time to do some in-depth research. For now enjoy this summary, and be aware and eat with care :)\\
Ref:  Mason, Isobel, Affiliation:Nurse Consultant, Gastroentorology, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, LondonSource:Journal of Community Nursing  (J  COMMUNITY  NURS), 2014 Jan-Feb; 28 (1): 28-33. (14 ref)

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