Interesting Link: Fluoride Information Website *Everything you ever wanted to know and more*
Enter the web address above (in bold)  to your browser to link to an amazingly thorough website on the mineral, Fluoride.  This website links to tons of abstracts on studies done on the effects on Fluoride, as well as, some full research papers and studies!  If your thinking, \”well who cares about Fluoride,\” I should tell you, if you don\’t already know, that in Western countries like Canada, the US, Australia, and NZ, the government puts fluoride into the public\’s drinking water. Throughout all the studies I have read, fluoride is a non-essential nutrient, which means humans do not need it to survive.  It is put into our water to reduce dental caries, which yes it has been shown to do, but the side effects of long-term ingestion might not be worth it!  Check out the website and do some exploring to come up with your own informed conclusions about fluoride.  Thanks, happy reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

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