2 Articles: "Effects of Micronutrients on Heavy Metals" and "Nutrition and metal toxicity"

micronutrients effects on heavy metals article
micronutrient effects on heavy metals 2
Click on the underlined links above to read a really interesting articles on how important it is to keep on a healthy diet in order to lower the damage of heavy metals on the mind and body. Heavy metals are found everywhere, from seafood, to city air, to tap water…. it\’s everywhere. Heavy metals include Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Aluminium, etc…  which all pose major health risks if kept unchecked.  A lot of research I have read has concluded that there is a correlation between aluminium toxicity and development of dementia. I\’ll try to find some articles on that for next week\’s post.  In the mean time enjoy learning about heavy metal toxicity and health.  Don\’t get scared, get informed, research what can be done, treatment wise, if you think you have heavy metal toxicity or you would just be keen to detox, there are plenty of options out there, just be careful and always do your research.  Thanks for reading!  Be aware and eat with care 🙂
Article 1:  Marjorie A. Peraza, Felix Ayala-Fierro, David S. Barber,
Elizabeth Casarez, and Leonard T. Rael
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Pharmacy,
The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona,  Environ Health Perspect 106(Suppl 1):  203-216 (1998). http://ehpnetl.niehs.nih.gov/docs/1998/Suppl-1/203-216peraza/abstract.html
Article 2:  By Robert A Goyer, publication The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1995

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